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Twitter Greetings

Hello!  I love exploring the mind and universe of interesting people throughout our world, and I especially like questing after your goofiness and quirks.  So there it is, you might be getting some silly questions from me!

I really enjoy the world community that twitter creates, and actually care about you, so if you’ve got something goofy to share, or want to say hi, happy birthday, or go climbing/get a cup of tea, etc. send me a DM. HOWEVER, this also means DON’T send me an auto DM. 

I get every single one of those as a text message because I care about you, and your world, and am often woken up by auto DM’s in the middle of the night. As a volunteer firefighter, and Assistant Chief of Boulder Emergency Squad I carry a pager, and it often goes off in the middle of the night, so I’m used to it.  I’m happy to giveup sleep to save a life, or help someone in need, but if you send me a “thanks for the follow, please check out my web page.”  I’m not going to be happy.  I’ll generally send you a civil @reply and then add you to my “people who auto DM” list and then likely unfollow you (unless of course I think you are a riveting human, then I might keep following you anyway).

This brings me to a little thing that bothers me about twitter: following.  Well first of all NO! you aren’t “following” me and I’m not “following” you.  Neither of us are followers, we’re explorers, free thinkers, gymnasts in the great act of being human, and that’s what we’re here for: to express ourselves, to bring momentary free thought to the web in real-time.

The world “follower” suggests blatant ignorance for one’s own will in favor of the path walked by others.  I don’t like it, but haven’t figured out how to get around such, so for now, thanks for taking an interest in my universe and sharing yours with me.

So why might I follow you?  First, because you’re interesting!  Twitter is a great way to infuse odd and fascinating ideas and people into my life from around the world.  Also, I admin a few accounts, so I (@LarkinBC) might follow you because you’re interested in something I’m interested and and you follow one of the accounts I admin, or help admin. 

@LarkinBC my main account all about random life thoughts, epic journeys as a flight addicted fire fighter, climber, and space inclined optical engineer working on a huge space telescope (JWST) and an all in human for sustainable communities and bringing people together to live meaningful intentional lives.

@prAnaBoulder The flagship store for a wonderful company structuring their business in an empowering sustainable way.  prAna is revolutionizing the the business model taking pride in every part of the world network. 

@BoulderRescue I am the Assistant Chief of Boulder Emergency Squad (BES) who is a 100% volunteer, nonprofit,technical search and rescue organization dedicated to saving lives in and around Boulder County, CO.  There is no group I trust more, to always do the right thing, to be a rock to the world in trouble, and to give and give, whenever there is a need.

@CO_Slackliners are working to bring together Colorado’s existing slackline community by promoting slackline ethics, safety, and good slackline practice. Colorado Slackline Club in an active group on facebook and also has a web page that is just kicking off.  Slacklining is an empowering activity that promotes balance, core strength, and community fun appropriate from age 3 (my nephew) to 90 (my grandpa!).  It is exploding on the world with positive energy and fun new groups and activities.

@TeamPup is a group of climbers, and goofy people brought to twitter by Steph Davis who are working throughout the winter to train and have fun together through Team Pull Ups.  We keep track of our daily and overall total in a pyramid (1-2-3-4-?-?-?-4-3-2-1) with a small rest between each).  We do this two to three times per week or however often we choose.  It’s all about making pull ups fun, and connecting really great people around the world. Here’s a blog post from a fellow #tpup that is pretty great.

@IgniteBoulder is an incredible event that @AndrewHyde brought to Boulder.  It is a night of interesting and passionate presentations with a twist.  Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance every 15 seconds.  The presenters are members of the local community and the presentations are chosen by the audience beforehand.  We continue to sell out Boulder Theater to with a geeky odd, and community driven event.  This blows me away every time, but ask anyone who has been, it is a powerful night not be be missed.  Check it out.

 @BoCoAlert is a step towards bringing emergency notifications to the social networks (and thus to more people more quickly).  Boulder County has recently implemented a new emergency notification system to augment the current systems.  Citizens can be notified via email, text message, and cell phone calls. (http://BoCo911Alert.com).   This adds a new level of notification for those not near a landline, and also supplements the traditional sirens located throughout Boulder County that sound during emergencies.



  • Kath said:

    Rather than ‘follower’ I prefer “IFYI”…I find you intriguing. Cause that’s really why I chose to let people into my private circle…they intrigue me and I want to learn more.

    Great post, Larkin!

  • If it's not broken | Initiative 180 said:

    [...] Larkin Carey. For being really patient with my worries about poison ivy. And all the little stuff of life that I [...]

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