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JWST: Our Grand Quest

27 September 2011 5 Comments

It hit me I’m here, working on JWST, helping to build the greatest space-based observatory ever created. I know this already, but sometimes among all the test procedures, quality assurance signoffs, spreadsheets, backwards progress, long  days, security lines, I forget.  It is good to remember that I am helping the human race look into the darkness, find inspiration. 

It is one of the grandest quests we have, to understand, inspire, and keep opening up the universe of possibilities.  It keeps our inner wonder alive and thriving, as well as clearly shows that there is something out there bigger than any of us; something beautiful that we are a part of. 

I can think of no other task more deserving of our energy in this moment.  Go team humans!


  • Kris said:

    It is interesting how easy it is to forget, and simultaneously how easy it is to remember again isn’t it? Perhaps it’s the scope and pace of science that makes it easy to loose that connection… when looked at generationally it’s truly amazing, but the individual contributions we all make can seem pretty mundane quite often…

    I’m sure it’s just an ego thing, but I’ve always had a hard time feeling content when I just have a minor part in a grand project… I should really work on that!

  • Larkin (author) said:

    maybe you preparing for creation of something grand Kris. You are unsatisfied to work on someone else’s amazing creation because there is one inside you ready for the world. I’ll help with it! ;-)

  • Kath said:

    Thanks for pushing the human race forward!

  • ali said:

    larkle, there is no better genius-person to be working on this than you!

  • Little said:

    I am not a big fan of science fcition, but I bought this book because I was so curious to know what all the hype was about (also, the cover is gorgeous! ). I’m glad to see the 5/5 stars rating. I can’t wait to read it, especially since you mentioned the similarity to Brave New World.

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